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Recent Talks:

August 6-11, 2007, Ranger Rendezvous Reunion 2007, Ft. Benning (Columbus) GA.
Bob and I both gave workshops, Bob on writing about war, me on PTSD. We had a wonderful time as usual and met a bunch of great guys.

April 28 and 29, 2007: Wickham Park, Melbourne Florida
I gave my War at Home talk Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. The most moving moment was when an Iraq vet and his wife came up to me to say my book had saved their marriage. I also met one of the Iraq vets whom the Army has been mistreating at Fort Collins.

April 1, 2007; Springfield, MA, Vietnam Veterans Day Memorial Service, 1 PM, Court Square. Springfield has a thriving veteran community, and I was proud to speak at the memorial, and then give a well attended workshop for families: The War at Home that evening at the Springfield Lodge of Elks # 61. This program was a joint effort of the Springfield Veterans Activity Committee and the Friends of the Springfield Vet Center with generous support from local veteran and civic organizations. For additional information call 737-5167. Books will be available.
Monday April 2, 2007: For professionals: Helping Families Become Part of the Solution
Instead of part of the problem because of misunderstanding, personalizing and ignorance
Although only a few professionals attended, it was a chance to really talk about the concerns of vets and their families.

There are a bunch of workshops I neglected to add between 2004 and 2007-Patience

October 5th, 2004, Fayetteville, AR., The Jones Center: Patience gave two talks, "Recovering from the War" and "The War at Home" with a Q&A/booksigning in between at the VFW. Thanks Linda and Lin, who put it all together.

Florida's 17th Annual Vietnam Veterans Reunion, April 23 – 24 – 25, 2004
Patience talked at 3:00 PM Saturday, and 10:30 AM, Sunday. We had a nice bunch of people including some I knew from online and some I started talking to at the motel and walking around the reunion. There were people from Texas, California, West Palm VA, Daytona VAOPC, and lots of other places.

April 13, 2004, St George, Utah,
Patience spoke three times, at noon at the Dixie Medical Center to health care professionals, at 2 to veterans in the PTSD groups, and again at 7 at the Dixie Regional Medical Center to the general public, most of whom were veterans and their spouses. One vet drove down on his motorcycle from Salt Lake to thank me for writing Recovering, and we had to talk him into staying for the talk to the combat groups! It made my day. There were also professionals there from Idaho and Salt Lake VA's. I really thank them for coming. It was a great trip, thanks to Craig, Alan, Chuck, and Suzy, Concerned Citizens for Better Health, St George VA Clinic, Southwest Mental Health, American Red Cross, St George Dixie Elks, Gentiva Home Health, and Desert Thunder Cycle Works.

Friday October 17, 2003
Bob spoke at the Annual Vietnam Forum, "Capturing the Imagination: The Art, Music, Theater, Poetry and Prose of the Vietnam Veteran," at the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial and The Vietnam Era Educational Center.
1 Memorial Lane, P.O. Box 648
Holmdel, NJ 07733 - (800) 648-VETS
We had a wonderful time with a crowd of veterans, teachers, other Vietnam vet writers, people who love Bob's book, and people who love mine, including Chris, one of the founders of Aftermath of War, an extremely helpful website for wives of veterans. We got to hang out with old friends and meet new ones in a lovely facility which is run by caring and informed staff members. Thanks for having us, guys!

Thursday, October 9th and Friday October 10th, 2003: Family Day at the Portland, OR VAMC:
Bob led a writing workshop for veterans on Thursday afternoon. He had a bunch of interested vets. One guy told us how he got mad at his college teacher for saying his personal journal wasn't personal enough, so he wrote one of his Vietnam nightmares, expecting to horrify her. She corrected it and told him to rewrite it, which he did. This happened several times. When it was accepted, he continued to rewrite it, trying to make it as accurate as he could. Then he realized he wasn't having it anymore! Patience spoke about "The War at Home" Friday morning. Then Steve and Lisa Tice did their moving presentation, "A Couple's Journey Home From War." We had lunch. John Fergueson did a workshop on spirituality which was wonderful. Then Bob and I were on a couples panel in the afternoon with SteveTice, a veteran of Hamburger Hill and his wife, Lisa, "Two Couples Talk about Personal Paths Toward Healing." We had a veteran of the Bataan Death March and several other WWII and Korean War vets as well as a sprinkling of younger vets. We hope to be doing this again next year. Thanks all of you caring people at the Portland VAMC in Oregon.

Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Reunion, August 7-12, 2003, North Platte,
We flew into Denver (mountain time) fixed our watches and drove to North Platte which is 20 miles into Central Time, so Patience was late for her first talk on Friday. Luckily everyone thought it was funny. As usual it ran over. Bob talked about writing in his workshop. The workshops were a lot fuller on Saturday. Patience ran over again talking about "The War at Home: PTSD and Relationships". We met some great folks, sold some books, and the A-Z Bookstore in North Platte is now carrying both our books! We had a lot of fun, met some great people and hope to be back some day.

Popular Culture Conference, New Orleans, LA, April 18 & 19, 2003

Bob showed Flightline:The Army Helicopter Pilots of Vietnam at 8PM on Friday the 18th to an appreciative audience and answered questions. Patience talked about The Realities of PTSD at 10:30 on Saturday the 19th. We enjoyed the conference and hope to have pictures soon.

75th Ranger Regiment Association Reunion, July 8-12, 2002
We had a lot of fun See the photos

Spiritual Retreats for Combat Veterans and Their Spouses,
August 2-4, 2002: Augusta, ME. October 11-13, 2002: Malibu, CA

Father Phillip Salois (grunt, 199LIB, Silver Star), Rev Alan Cutter (in-country in late 71-72 as an advisor, and I (veteran’s wife of 37 years, atheist with a spiritual life) led the Maine retreat. Th The intention is to make a start on some type of spiritual life and create a new base community of husband and wife. The National Conference of Viet Nam Veteran Ministers

October18, 2002: VA Medical Center, Portland Oregon

Bob and I both spoke at an all day event for veterans with PTSD and their families. Other presenters were Steve (101st Airborne, wounded at Hamburger Hill) and Lisa Tice , John Fergueson, an Episcopal priest who was a Marine Counter Intelligence Team member in Vietnam, Michael Stevens who was in the !st Cav in the Artillery. We met a lot of old friends, readers, and many new ones. It was a wonderful day. Watch for information on the next one!

Bob and Patience Mason photo courtesy of Marilyn Knapp Litt, www.illyria.com

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