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The War at Home: A Guide to PTSD Symptoms for Veterans and Family Members

PTSD symptoms are often misunderstood and personalized by vets and their family members, leading to a war at home. This pamphlet goes through each symptom to discuss what it did or does for the vet, what it may be doing to the vet, and how the vet's spouse and family might be feeling as a result of each symptom. This can be very healing for everyone involved. 16 pages

After the War: For the Wives of All Veterans

Describes the symptoms of PTSD as they may appear to wives or girlfriends. Written during the first Gulf War, when PTSD was relatively unknown, so others would not have to go through what I went through, thinking it was all my fault and thinking he didn’t love me anymore when he was having anniversary reactions.

PTSD and Parenting

Interview with a survivor of child abuse about parenting. 1 page

Post-Traumatic Gazette #31, PTSD and Parenting, Patience’s thoughts on PTSD and Parenting, book reviews of Children Changed by Trauma by DebraWhiting Alexander, Ph. D., Ghosts From The Nursery: Tracing the Roots of Violence by Robin Karr-Morse and Meredith S Wiley, Survivor Guilt: A Self-Help Guide by Aphrodite Matsakis, Vietnam Veterans’ Homecoming: Crossing the Line by Carey Spearman, I Thought It Was Just Me: for the adult and older children of Vietnam veterans by Adele Leslie-Adams, Risking Connection by the Sidran Foundation, and Because There Is A Way To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse: Facts About Abuse and Those Who Might Commit It edited by Joan Tabachnick. 8pages.

The Post-Traumatic Gazette No. 2, How Does PTSD Affect Families?

The second issue of the Gazettes. How PTSD affects families, How families can recover, PTSD and Me. Book reviews of books for family members8 pages

I wrote After the War during the first Gulf War. One veteran called me from Oklahoma to say he never understood why his PTSD would or could affect his spouse till the VA gave him that pamphlet to give her and he read it first.

When the International Conference of War Veteran Ministers asked me to speak at a retreat for combat vets and their wives, I put together what seemed to me to be a really obvious presentation, The War At Home. It was greeted so enthusiastically by both vets and spouses that I decided to turn it into a pamphlet. The Second Post-Traumatic Gazette was also written for family members.

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